For any occupation, it’s important for applicants to do their research when choosing a new job. There are many different things people should consider when looking for a job, especially for truck drivers. But what should they look for? Maybe how much they pay, their home time, or even their work environment. After talking to several drivers, we learned 5 key things they look for when searching for a new trucking company.


At the end of the day, most drivers want to know how much they’re going to get paid. Some may have families to provide for, and others may have certain obligations they must tend to. Everyone’s situation is different but either way, they find it important to know if they’ll be able to handle those responsibilities, when entering a new trucking company. This also plays into a company’s routes or freight lanes. Drivers find it important to know how many states a trucking company runs through, as well as a range of how many miles they will get on a weekly basis. Yes, freight tends to be up and down however, it’s nice to have an idea of what to expect.


The next big aspect that was brought up are company benefits. Depending on their needs and their family’s needs, they appreciate knowing if they will be covered if things take a turn for the worst. They find it important to know if the company has a solid retirement plan as well. This can distinguish if a driver will join the company or not.


Equipment is very important to truck drivers because it’s their home while they are on the road. They want to make sure their trucks can not only handle different weather conditions, but also be a comfortable space for them to live in. Driving for a company that has superb equipment can also make their transition into trucking smoother. If a driver has confidence in the large piece of machinery they’re operating, it can make a big difference in how many miles they run, as well as how long they plan on staying with a company.

Home time  

Depending on a driver’s situation, they may find it important to know if a company will be able to get them home when they need to be. It’s vital for drivers to research and understand that different routes have different opportunities for home time. After surveying multiple drivers, they explained that their research process includes speaking to different truck drivers, looking at a company’s reviews, their website, and speaking with recruiters. Generally, companies that offer regional driving opportunities (like MVT) strive to get their drivers home during their 34-hour reset.


Truck drivers want to feel supported, respected, and valued by the company they work for. Many people may not realize how tough being a truck driver can be, but they are putting a lot on the line to make sure they deliver their loads on time, and in a safe manner. So, make sure you work for a company that genuinely cares for their drivers. This may be a little difficult to find out while you’re conducting your research but speak with current drivers and ask lots of questions! Mesilla Valley Transportation takes pride in the support we give our drivers. We prioritize making them feel appreciated by our great incentives. From monthly bonuses, to car giveaways. We make sure you feel proud to be a part of our family!

If you’re a driver that’s looking for a new trucking home, stop by our recruiting center in El Paso, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee. Or, give them a call at 915-791-8730. We have an incredible recruiting team that’s here to answer any questions you may have. We offer the factors stated above, as well as top notch incentives and bonuses! We are always looking for drivers who want to take control of their success.