Fun fact: More than 60 percent of Mesilla Valley Transportation Directors are women. That’s right, beautiful, resilient women. MVT is full of leading ladies who hold very important positions, that keep this company running like a smooth oiled machine. So, we took the time to sit down with 6 of our leading ladies, to learn their stories at MVT; Monica Fuller, Director of Operations; Melissa Sneed, Controller; Rosanna Castro, Director of Safety; Roseanne Crawford, Director of Pricing; Jackie Jones, Director of Marketing, and Colleen Barnitz, Director of Business Intelligence.

These ladies share several things in common; they lead by example, learn from their mistakes, and most importantly, they understand the importance of work ethic. None of these women simply walked into their positions, in fact, they all started in entry level positions. They all worked their butts off to get to where they are today. MVT wouldn’t be where it is today without the determination, leadership, and knowledge these women have brought to the table. Jack Ma, co-founder and chair of Alibaba Group, one of the world’s largest e-commerce businesses, has a “secret sauce” for his success. This sauce focuses on the importance of hiring women, and I think it’s safe to say that the level of tender love and care women give others, is very important to have in a successful business.

Here’s another fun fact; Mesilla Valley Transportation’s first $25,000 award for the driver with the best MPG and perfect CSA score, was earned by a woman! According to MVT’s President and CEO Royal Jones, it takes a lot of patience to win this award, and that’s exactly what women have. Now, don’t get me wrong, women don’t have patience 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. But they sure do have a knack for it.

Let’s be honest, one thing women master is putting on their strongest poker face. If it’s at home or in the workplace, they know how to overcome obstacles without anyone knowing the challenges they are facing. Of course, these ladies have great days at work, but they also have bad ones. Their positions aren’t the easiest, so they deal with stress and new challenges daily. Even though they may get frazzled from time to time, these ladies believe it’s very important to lead by example. They can want to pull their hair out on the inside, but they always seem to find a way to take a step back, breathe, and figure out how to get through tough situations, one step at a time.

At Mesilla Valley Transportation, we hire people who want to grow and evolve and thankfully, that’s exactly what these ladies did. Since there’s tons of room for growth at this company, they used it to their advantage and proved themselves to be able to handle anything that’s thrown their way. It’s just a coincidence that they’re women. As we all know, trucking is not made for the weak. It takes a strong person to handle the different obstacles that arise in the transportation industry. One thing that the women of MVT possess is strength, especially trucking strength. These ladies are just a tiny glimpse at how many women we have in important roles throughout the company. They each carry a different strength that works for the betterment of MVT.