Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings families and friends together. But have you ever wondered how all the stores have enough Thanksgiving food, decorations, and items ready for the big holiday? All these products would not be readily available if CDL drivers did not transport them. Truck drivers devote a good chunk of their time getting these items to stores. Without truck drivers, many stores and even parades would not have anything to offer spectators and shoppers. This Thanksgiving, give extra thanks to truck drivers who make Thanksgiving and every holiday complete.

Here are just a few things Truck Drivers have a huge role in transporting and making happen:


Turkeys are notoriously known as the protein used for Thanksgiving since the holiday first came to be and are consumed by 88% of Americans. Without truck drivers, most Americans who use turkeys to celebrate this holiday would not have this main dish available to them. Could you ever imagine a Thanksgiving without turkey as the main dish? We can’t imagine it either, especially when there are 46 million turkeys eaten every Thanksgiving.

Side Dishes

Everyone knows that Thanksgiving isn’t complete without side dishes like pies, vegetables, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and more. However, if there were no drivers to deliver all the food and ingredients, we would be relying solely on what was within our immediate reach.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Parades are well-loved by people of all ages, but have you ever thought about how the helium for these gigantic balloons is made available for parades like the New York Thanksgiving Parade? The answer: Semi-truck drivers haul the helium tanks that make it happen. Without the help of truck drivers, these massive balloons would never make it off the ground, and the most anticipated parade of the year wouldn’t be possible!


Truck drivers haul goods of all sorts. Some carry perishable goods, dry goods, livestock, oversized items, gasoline, and more. In particular, if there weren’t any drivers hauling gasoline, then there would be no way for you to visit your loved ones or pick up groceries this holiday season. Without truck drivers, We wouldn’t be able to fill up at the pump, ride on an airplane, or travel to see loved ones during this time of year.

Black Friday

While you eat your delicious Thanksgiving meal, you might be thinking of black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, all while truck drivers are out on the road. These sales make for the busiest time of the year for truck drivers stocking up retail and grocery stores nationwide. Without drivers, you wouldn’t be able to get that 100 inch TV, the latest X Box, or that new phone for a smoking hot deal.

Thanks to our amazing drivers and staff, MVT is the best transportation provider in the Southwest. We want to give thanks to all our MVT Family Members, non-drivers and drivers. Without your contributions, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same. This year while you are enjoying your Thanksgiving meal and shopping for the best deals of the year, be sure to thank a driver in your life for making it extra special.

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