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Thinking about starting a Truck Driving Career? Interested in knowing what to expect from a life as a truck driver? Mesilla Valley Transportation as one of the largest transportation providers in Western Texas and New Mexico, with a great reputation in transportation and truck driving services. MVT genuinely cares about what our drivers have to say, we treat them like family and that’s the key to our driver’s long-term success. Mesilla Valley Transportation would like to shed some light on what to expect when you start your next truck driving job.

Truck driving is one of the few jobs that offer the possibility to travel on a regular basis while making great money at the same time. Your primary role as a truck driver is to drive a transportation vehicle that delivers goods from one location to another. Truck drivers are an essential part of our everyday life. They are a huge part of every industry (retail, manufacturing, automotive and food) delivering items and goods from around the world throughout the U.S and even Canada and Mexico.

Having a truck driving career is pretty much in a league of its own as a career choice for a family man or woman that requires tailoring a lifestyle around the job. Being a truck driver requires being away from your family and friends during most part of the year, the typical truck driver schedule consists of going out on the road for a few weeks at the time, and then having home time to get back to the road again.  Some truck driving companies, such as Mesilla Valley Transportation, offer local regional runs that allow drivers more frequent home time.

Truck Driver Career, Truck driver, Truck Driving Jobs

Truck Driver Career

Training for a commercial driver’s license, will take you approximately a month to finish all courses and workshops depending on the school. The real challenge starts with learning how to control the trailer and truck you will be operating and driving for at least eight hours every day. Keeping to a delivery schedule is essential for trucking and freight companies to keep client contracts, so providing services in a timely and reliable manner will help to build up a positive reputation.

Driving is one way to view the countryside, big cities, and hundreds of American suburbs all at once. Stopping in a variety of cities throughout the country will help gain a glimpse into life in different regions around the U.S. and is an experience that is like no other. Mesilla Valley Transportation has routes across the U.S. like El Paso, Dallas, Denver, Nashville, and Albuquerque to name a few cities. No other career travels the country and experiences other groups and their lives on a regular manner. Truck drivers receive one of the best crash-course educations on daily life around the U.S. through his or her freight routes.

New technology makes it easier to keep in contact with family members, so having that much needed connection with them on a regular basis is entirely possible. Keeping a cellular phone is essential to the job for emergencies with the truck or delivery, contact with the dispatch room, and for contacting the shipper. Trucking companies like Mesilla Valley Transportation even let you bring your pet on the road with you, what other job does that?

Mesilla valley Transportation CDL Truck Driving Jobs

Truck Driving Jobs

The truck driving field also has a higher than average rate of growth, with twenty-one percent rate of growth and millions of available jobs on the hauling market. Drivers wages are more than twice as high as the federal minimum wage and will allow most to provide for his or her family and live a comfortable lifestyle.  Trucking is physically demanding and being away from family, friends, and familiar areas can be emotionally and mentally exhausting, but once drivers settle into their new life as professional drivers, the benefits can far outweigh the negatives.

If being a truck driver for a living truly appeals to you, its time to hit the road and join to our MVT Family. Click her to learn more about what you as a trucker driver can expect and the great benefits we offer:

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