Money Savings Tips for Truck Drivers

When you’re on the road, you might not be thinking about how much money you spend during a trip. However, as a truck driver, you will frequently be going on trips, and these small spending sprees will add up. Creating a budget and prepping a little before you hit the road can help you save in the long run!

Here are some tips to get you started:


Before you start focusing on saving money, you will need to create a budget for yourself. To begin your budget, you will first need to estimate how much money you spend monthly, weekly, and daily. An easy way to find out how much money you spend is by writing down every time you make a purchase. Keeping track of your expenses will help you avoid overspending because you will see where your money goes.

To get you started with your budget, here is an income and expense worksheet .


Planning for your trip can make it easier and cheaper, so it is highly recommended to do so before you leave. You can save money by using supplies you already have at home for your trip or going to an inexpensive store to purchase them rather than buying them later at a higher cost. You can avoid going out of your way to find these items and not waste time or money.


The fastest and easiest way for you to overspend while traveling is by eating out frequently. When you buy fast food, you spend between $5 to $7 each time you eat out. If you eat out three times a day for a week, you have spent $147, which can cost you upwards of $7,644 a year. Rather than spending a good chunk of change on fast food, you can purchase groceries and prepare your food at home or in your truck. You can keep it simple by making deli sandwiches or can elevate your meals by using a crockpot.


Some places offer CDL discounts! Finding what places near you have discounts can help you save money too. When traveling, ask if CDL drivers receive discounts and sign up for reward cards and loyalty programs. For example, Cracker Barrel offers complimentary coffee and fountain drinks to truck drivers, while places like Denny’s offers 15% off online orders.


If you have a data plan that charges you for going over the set limit, take advantage of places that offer free WIFI so you can save some extra money while traveling.

There is no better time to start saving than now! Start by making little changes today; they will add up before you know it!