Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your physical and mental health. Exercise strengthens your heart, improves circulation, helps lower blood pressure, and cholesterol. Exercise also helps boost your immune system; it increases energy and is great for your heart, weight, and even your mood. However, I know that as a driver, adding exercise into your daily routine can be challenging. I’ve worked with local and OTR drivers to help them have a healthier lifestyle. Here are some activities healthy drivers are engaging in that help them maintain their health while on the road.

Walk or run – Walking is the easiest thing to do while on the road. You can walk while waiting for a load or when you deliver. Many drivers enjoy taking it a step further and like to go for a run. Taking every opportunity to add more steps to your day will help you reverse the effects of sitting too long, improve circulation, help with weight management, reduce stress, and anxiety.

Workout with equipment – The most popular exercise equipment that drivers have in their truck to make their life a bit easier are:

Yoga mats– To be able to do floor exercises like burpees, pushups, and sit-ups while at a truck stop or even on a dirt road

Dumbbells– Usually 10-15 pounds to not add excessive weight to the cabin

Rolling Strong Flex System– Equipment designed to bring a functional workout to the truck, you can buy it here https://rollingstrong.com/shop/product-category/rolling-strong-fitness/

Bike– Many drivers are into cycling and take their bike to ride while on the road. If you go to the Rolling Strong app > Fitness > Trails, you’ll find trails near you to bike or hike

Trampoline– This is very practical because you can add a good cardio workout without having to leave your truck

Find creative ways to add movement to your day– A driver was telling me that when he is waiting for a load, he looks for a ramp or even a curbside to go up and down and add some cardio to his day. You can also park far away, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and walk instead of uber if it’s a short distance to your destination. Of course, remember to always keep your safety in mind, for example, make sure it’s a safe area and that it has proper lighting.

Do a Rolling Strong workout– In the Rolling Strong app, we have 3-20 minute workout videos that you can do inside or outside the truck. You don’t need any equipment, just your willingness to try.


Before starting any physical activity, I want to share with you some tips to keep in mind so you can avoid injuries:

Stretch– Make sure you stretch before and after doing an exercise routine, preferably do a dynamic warmup. This will increase your flexibility and prevent injuries.

Start slow– Sometimes, being overly motivated can lead us to over-exercising when it’s more important to be consistent. If you haven’t worked out in months, and you want to run, start with a 20-minute walk and build up your strength and resistance. When exercising, your breathing can get hard, but you should still be able to talk.

Wear appropriate shoes and clothes– If you want to run, make sure you have running shoes and dress appropriately for the temperature outdoors.

Drink water- Before, during, and after your exercise routine, even if you don’t feel thirsty drink some water, this will help keep you properly hydrated.

As always, I am here to help! If you want to improve your health, join Rolling Strong, the MVT wellness program designed for drivers. MVT pays for your membership, so the program is free for MVT drivers. For more information, reach out to me: claudia.rodriguez@rollingstrong.com.