Being away from your family can be rough, especially during the holidays when you’re out on the road as a truck driver. You may even begin to feel homesick, lonely, and isolated, resulting in a lack of focus and motivation in your job. And we don’t want that! Though you may not physically be present with your family during the holidays, there are ways to feel closer to them when you’re miles apart. Here are some tips to help with your feelings of homesickness that can make you feel closer to your loved ones during the holidays as a truck driver.

Video Calls

Technology has advanced vastly over the years, and the quality and connectivity of video calls have improved immensely. Before, video calls were unreliable and glitchy, but now they have become much easier to use and don’t drop as bad as they once did. There are many ways to make a video call. You can use your phone to FaceTime if you have an iPhone or through other apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Skype. If you’re missing your loved ones, one of the best ways to feel close to them again is by video calling them.

Social Media

If you are already using social media to make video calls, you can easily stay connected to loved ones and friends by sharing your travels. Social media is the number one used form of communication today because it is fast and easy. You can share photos of your trip in your stories or send your updates to a group in applications like Facebook and Instagram.

Share a Meal Online

If you choose to take advantage of video calls, you can also share a meal during this time! While on break, you can schedule a video call with your friends and loved ones to eat a meal together and feel like you are there. You can have your meal anywhere, like in your rig, a park, restaurant, your hotel room, or any other place where you can set up your phone and be comfortable. By eating together, you can participate in the family discussion and not miss out on anything.

Play Video Games

Do you and your family enjoy playing video games? Rather than be homesick and feel like you’re missing out on family time, you can instead schedule a time to play a video game with your family and friends. Here are some games you and your loved ones can play together to stay connected while away.

Board Games

Who doesn’t love a good board game? Instead of dreaming about playing a board game with the people you love, you can quickly join them by playing a board game over the phone or online together! You can play Chess, Checkers, Monopoly, Battleship, or Sorry! You can choose to text your moves, use video feeds or talk over the phone and play!


If you want to stay up to date on movies and shows with your family and friends, then you can easily watch together without having to be together. During Teleparty watch parties, you and your group can watch anything on HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Disney, and HBO Now at the same time without having to worry about clicking play at the same time. Teleparty synchronizes video playback and adds group chat to your favorite streaming services!

Now that you have an idea of some things that can help you stay connected to friends and loved ones during this holiday season and all year round, let us know what you do or enjoy most! Staying connected to your friends and loved ones helps maintain a happy, healthy bond, and we want that for everyone.

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