Did you know that Marvel came out with a comic book devoted to a truck driver superhero in the 80s?

The comic book was called U.S. 1 and focused on an American trucker named Ulysses Archer, who vowed to track down his enemy, Highwayman, after running him off the road, causing him to have his skull replaced with an experimental alloy. After having his skull replaced, he developed an ability to pick up certain radio frequencies, which he used to find Highwayman. Along with using his college skills to customize his truck with weapons to fight his enemy.

The U.S. 1 comics were created in the 1980s and had twelve issues published and written by Al Milgorn and art created by Herb Trimpe. Although the issue did not last long, it is awesome that Marvel made a truck driver superhero comic in the 80s.

In celebration of National Comic Book Day, Mesilla Valley Transportation would like to acknowledge the U.S. 1 comic that brought a new type of hero to the comic book world and our world too!

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