Welcome to MVT’s Rundown – your go-to source for company updates, driver highlights, and safety tips! Let’s embark on this journey and keep our MVT family strong and informed.

We’re still buzzing with excitement from our 3rd Quarter Driver Appreciation Day, and it’s all thanks to YOU! Kudos to our amazing drivers – your hard work keeps us moving forward every day. A big shoutout to Ray Schultz for having the best MPG Average and Perfect CSA Score of the quarter and driving away with a new car! Special thanks to our vendors for adding to the fun. Here’s to more success ahead!

Mark your calendars for September! Our HR team is preparing exciting treats to celebrate 401k Day. Stay tuned for updates. We care about your financial future and are here to assist you in creating a fulfilling retirement. For details, contact Albina Yanez at albina.yanez@m-v-t.com or 915-791-4000 ext 4392.

Get set to kickstart your Mondays with a dose of wisdom from our hardworking MVT Family members! These quotes are like a compass to guide you toward an inspiring and successful week:

Roberto Martinez, our Director of Facilities, shares his golden advice: “I always tell myself not to get too comfortable and stay open to trying new things. Being complacent can lead to falling into bad habits and routines.”

Tyler Larson, Director of Local P&D and Equipment, echoes the wisdom of Wayne Gretzky: “Remember, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Feeling the motivation too? Share your personal Monday quote with us at mvtsm@m-v-t.com!

A huge round of applause for two remarkable members of our MVT Family – Miguel Casale and Daniel Ruiz! Miguel and Daniel have gone the extra mile – actually, a million safe miles – and we’re thrilled to welcome them to our MVT Million Safe Driving Club.

Safety is key. Let’s discuss two vital points: blind spots and visibility. Watch for animals and pedestrians, rest well for focus, and maintain a clean windshield. Mind tricky blind spots and turns. Cut distractions. Safety’s a journey in every choice. Drive smart, stay vigilant, and ensure each mile’s a safe success.

At Mesilla Valley Transportation, respect is a core value. We’ve created an environment where all thrive through our Respect Policy, which ensures everyone feels valued and heard. Managers and HR are here for you. Your well-being matters. Learn more at help-us-improve.com.

Meet Candy Verdiglione, one of our amazing ECT Dispatchers in Nashville! With 2 awesome years at MVT, she’s the master of juggling calls, fleets, and drivers. Her secret to success? Show up and don’t be afraid to ask questions! Join Candy as she takes you through a day in her role by watching her complete Meet the Team episode.

And with that, we bring another MVT’s Rundown episode to a close. Don’t miss out on any MVT news – stay connected with us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn. As you hit the road, ensure safety takes the wheel, stay inspired, and continue the exceptional work that sets us apart!