Welcome to MVT’s Rundown!

Michael White and Manny Hernandez have both reached tremendous milestones with MVT! Michael has run one million safe miles, and Manny has run four million safe miles! This is quite a feat! Excellent job to these guys!

Gary Macy, one of MVT’s Camera Coaches, addresses some Commonly Seen Infractions in the transportation industry. You can find his video on all of our social media platforms.

DriveForMVT.com‘s newest blog teaches us how to protect ourselves and the company from cybercriminals Phishing Messages.

In the latest IT Tips and Tricks episode, we learn how to report emails you suspect are phishing attacks in your Outlook email application. This simple step is worth learning!

Driver Wellness Coach Claudia Rodriguez shares some foods you can include in your diet to Reduce the Risk of Cancer.

With all the unpredictable weather we have been having across the country, there is no better time to remind everyone that MVT is a chain-free fleet! No load is worth a life. Adverse Weather leads to treacherous driving conditions, which we encourage our drivers to wait out.

We want to thank everyone company-wide for helping America Move Forward.

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