Welcome to MVT’s Rundown. Happy New Year!  

The HR Team would like to remind everyone to select how they would like to receive their W-2, either online or by mail. They provide direction on making changes to your personal information, and remind us to check for benefit deductions on our non-negotiable statements. 

MVT has been voted the best trucking company in 2020 by El Paso Inc. readers! We were voted the best based on the top-notch customer service our drivers and staff provide every day, attention to green initiatives, and our commitment to safety! Take a look HERE.

The latest IT Tips and Tricks episode explains how to find your computer’s name, which comes in handy when The Helpdesk is assisting remotely.

Our safety manager, Jose Sanchez, is featured in the newest episode of MVT Changed my Life. Check out the video to learn more about Jose and his experience at MVT over the last 13 years. You can watch his story HERE.

We congratulate our Million Safe Mile drivers and send a special congratulations to Jaime Diaz Sr. Jaime is our first driver to reach 6 Million Safe Miles with MVT!

Please continue to stay diligent with COVID-19 safe practices. Soon we will be getting back to normal.

Claudia Rodriguez, our Rolling Strong Wellness Coach, goes over how to maximize your fitness potential in the latest episode of Healthy seconds. You can find it HERE

January 9th, 2021, marks MVT’s 39th birthday! Royal Jones, President and CEO, shares a message of how MVT has grown in the past 39 years and what he envisions for 2021!

We want to thank everyone company-wide for helping America Move Forward.

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