Hello MVT family! Join us for the final episode of MVT’s Rundown in 2023, as we recap the year’s highlights, milestones, and unforgettable moments. Celebrate the incredible individuals powering our company, discover unsung heroes, and stay tuned for exciting announcements shaping our future journey!

The year is almost over, and our HR Team encourages you to verify that all your personal information and address are up to date by going to your Engauge Employee self-service Portal by going to Engauge-Portal.m-v-t.com/. Got any questions? Send an email to Human.Resources@m-v-t.com or give them a call at 915 – 791- 4000 extension 7494.

Let’s kick off the week with a burst of inspiration and positive vibes. Our very own Kristina Correa, Staff Recruiter, shares her Monday mantra:
“Always believe that the impossible is always possible.” – Selena Quintanilla
Feeling inspired? Share your own words of wisdom or your favorite uplifting quote that fuels your Monday spirit. Drop your quotes to mvtsm@m-v-t.com!

Congratulations to Driver Oscar Najar, for achieving a remarkable milestone of 2 million safe miles! Oscar has earned a personalized jacket and ring, a symbol of our deepest appreciation for his unwavering commitment to safety. To all our drivers out there, if you’re interested in joining our club reach out to Miss Lety Jacquez at (915) 791-4000 ext. 2277 or by email at Leticia.Jacquez@m-v-t.com.

Big thanks to everyone who joined us for our 4th quarter Driver Appreciation Day! Shoutout to Roberto Sandoval, named Driver Mentor of the Year and the Driver with the Best MPG Average and Perfect CSA Score of the Year. Dairo Tobon and Ronny Segura, winners of the Car Giveaway for their top-notch MPG Average and Perfect CSA Score. Thanks to all for making it a success. Here’s to a happy holiday season and more wins in the coming year!

As the year concludes, a big thanks to the MVT Family for your dedication and hard work. Enjoy special recap videos showcasing our journey’s best moments. Looking forward to more success in the upcoming year. Happy holidays and a prosperous New Year!

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