Welcome to Mesilla Valley Transportation’s Rundown! In this month’s episode, we share a few reminders from our Human Resources Department regarding how to elect to receive your W-2 electronically and update your mailing address. since partnering with John Hancock, managing your 401(k) plan has never been easier. Employees can go online and manage their accounts at any time.

The MVT Help Desk Team reminds everyone how they can change their password if it has expired or have any doubt it has been compromised.

MVT has been named a SmartWay Excellence Award Recipient! Through our team’s collective efforts, we have conserved fuel, kept the air cleaner, and improved our environmental footprint along the way!

We encourage everyone to check out our most recent Healthy Seconds episode, where we get some tips to avoid holiday weight gain. Click HERE to learn more!

COVID-19 is still in our communities, and through taking necessary precautions, we can all help reduce the spread.

We had a chance to speak with Carlos Ramirez and asked him how he felt after being awarded a brand-new car. Carlos had the best safety and fuel performance for the fourth quarter; he averaged 10.21 miles per gallon!

We also got to catch up with Roberto Sandoval. Roberto was named 2020 Trainer of the Year and Driver of the Year for maintaining a perfect CSA score and averaging 10.92 miles per gallon!

Victor Segura, MVT’s Training Coordinator, has released a video addressing driving in adverse weather conditions and how to keep yourself and those around you safe. Be sure to check it out on any of our social media pages or click HERE.

Liz from the MVT store shows us all the sweet deals to be had during this Christmas season. Be sure to stop by the store and check out the variety of gift options available!

We have released our most recent Meet the Team featuring our Controller Melissa Sneed! Click HERE for the full episode!

We want to thank everyone company-wide for helping America Move Forward.

Need a laugh? Be sure to watch this video in its entirety.

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