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It fills us with joy to honor some extraordinary individuals who have achieved incredible milestones in their million-mile journey with MVT! Let’s give a well-deserved round of applause to Andre Ladonna Barrett, Joel Montelongo, Andres Montelongo and Juan Diego Garcia for their commitment to safety and helping America move forward!

At MVT, safety comes first! Before every trip, familiarize yourself with your vehicle’s dimensions, perform thorough inspections, and ensure your cargo is secure. If you encounter any hazards, report them immediately. Remember, Penske’s 24/7 Road Assistance is just a call away at 844-209-9757. Stay informed by watching the full video!

Get ready for our latest Healthy Seconds episode, where we share some tips for staying hydrated while on the road. Remember, staying hydrated is essential for maintaining focus and overall well-being during your trips!

Meet Carlos Vazquez, a skilled B1 driver with 3 years of US territory experience. With seamless communication, exceptional equipment maintenance, and exciting rewards, MVT made his road dreams come true. Watch his driver testimonial and join us as we celebrate the stories that drive us forward!

Do you know about all of the incredible features our Late Model International LT Tractors are equipped with? Get ready to be amazed! Join us as we go over some of the features that make them such a powerhouse on wheels to drivers in the industry!

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Introducing Nate Look, our Tennessee Market Manager with eight years of experience at MVT. Curious to know what a day in his life at MVT looks like? Don’t miss his Meet the Team episode, where he shares his genuine passion for our MVT Family, the joy of working with incredible coworkers and drivers, and the exciting experiences he encounters daily.

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