Welcome to the latest episode of MVT’s Rundown! From important announcements to groundbreaking achievements, you’ll find it here.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance or CVSA’s International Road Check is back and will be held from May 16th to the 18th. This means that thousands of commercial vehicles will be thoroughly inspected for possible violations. Keep safety a top priority, and let’s make sure our roads are safe for everyone!

We are making a change to improve your toll experience by switching from Bestpass to PrePass in the coming months. If you’ve recently had the PrePass device installed, you’re already ahead of the game. This new device will automatically handle toll charges, reducing wait times and ensuring a smoother and more efficient experience for you on the road. We understand this change can bring questions, and our team is here to answer them and make the switch as easy as possible. Simply speak with our team at the gate when you come in for a pass, and they will provide you with all the information you need about Pre Pass.

Show off your MVT Pride with some sweet new threads from our new online MVT store! We know that convenience is key, which is why we offer a $500 credit limit and the option to split your payments into four installments. Upgrade your style today!

In our Latest meet the team episode we get to know Jose Reyes, MPG Driver Performance Coach, who has been a part of the MVT Family for over 20 years! With his time spent with MVT he has grown from a driver himself to an instructor and then a coach, where he really enjoys his work helping drivers and other departments on a daily basis. Join us and watch his Meet the Team episode to learn more about his day-to-day.

A big congratulations to Esteban Hernandez Galvan, who hit his 1 million safe mile mark, Rafael Castillo, who has hit the impressive milestone of 2 million miles, Genaro Ochoa for driving an amazing 3 million miles, and Terry Hollingsworth, who has reached the remarkable milestone of 5 million miles! We are grateful for your hard work and commitment to excellence.

Want to stay healthy and fuel your body with the right nutrients while on the go? Our latest Healthy Seconds video is here to help! Tune in for some easy and practical tips on eating healthy while on the road. Your health matters to us, and we want to make sure you have the tools to stay healthy no matter where you are!

At MVT, we believe in creating a work environment that is respectful, inclusive, and supportive for all. To achieve this goal, we have developed a Respect Policy that outlines our commitment to promoting respect and professionalism in the workplace. We encourage all our team members to take a few minutes to read our Respect Policy, which can be downloaded at Help-Us-Improve.com.

Do you want to make a positive impact on other drivers’ lives and earn some extra cash while doing so? Then becoming a Driver Trainer or Mentor might be the perfect opportunity for you! With 18 months or more of experience under your belt, you are qualified to guide other drivers and provide valuable insights to help them excel in their driving careers while also receiving extra pay for each mile you run! To get started, simply contact Miss Leticia Jacquez, our Driver Trainer and Trainee Manager, at (915) 791 – 4000 Extension 2277 or send her an email at leticia.Jacquez@m-v-t.com.

Our team is expanding, and we need your help to find talented and skilled drivers like those within our MVT Family. Our Referral Program offers an incredible $1,000 referral bonus and gift cards to big-name retailers for every one of your referrals hired. Referring someone is simple and easy – just use the Rocket CDL app, which is available on Apple and Android devices.

Whether you have a suggestion, feedback, or a concern, we want to know. You can submit your thoughts anonymously on Help-Us-Improve.com or email us at WeCare@m-v-t.com. Your feedback is crucial to helping us make positive changes that benefit everyone at MVT. Together, we can make our workplace even better.

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