Welcome to MVT’s Rundown!

Alejandro Valenzuela, Cecilio Hernandez, Jesus Pinales, and Fernando Lopez have all made major accomplishments within our million safe mile club! This is no easy feat, way to go guys!

Alejandro Valenzuela
1 Million MVT Safe Miles

Cecilio Hernandez
2 Million MVT Safe Miles

Jesus Pinales
3 Million MVT Safe Miles

Fernando Lopez
4 Million MVT Safe Miles

National No Smoking Day was on March 10th. Driver Wellness Coach Claudia shares some Tips to Quit Smoking in the latest Healthy Seconds episode.

Relating to National No Smoking Day, the newest blog in the DriveForMVT.com newsroom provides Advice on Kicking Tobacco Habits.

C-TPAT audits are being conducted throughout the nation, and we are no exception. With more and more visitors now entering our facilities, we would like to remind everyone to be please mindful of their surroundings. If you see or hear anything out of the ordinary, please report it to the appropriate personnel.

In the latest Meet The Team episode, we sat down with Dean Rigg, our Chief Financial Officer, who filled us in on how he became part of the MVT Family 23 years ago.

Don’t forget we’ve partnered with John Hancock to provide you the opportunity to save for your retirement through our 401k plan! You no longer have to wait for an enrollment period to sign up!

Father and son Team Drivers Renato & Miguel Sandoval drove away in a brand new car awarded to them by President & CEO Royal Jones for having a perfect CSA Score and the Best Fuel Mileage for the First Quarter of 2021!

President & CEO Royal Jones and CFO Dean Rigg give thanks to all of our hardworking, dedicated employees who keep our companies running smoothly and efficiently day in and day out in their Employee Appreciation Day Video.

Want an extra thousand dollars on top of that stimmy? All you have to do is refer a driver you know to come to be a part of the MVT Family!

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