Stay Connected on the Road with MVT’s CVD/ELD Bag Unit!

What is it?

In case of unexpected breakdowns and to ensure continuous connectivity, MVT, in partnership with Platform Science, has created a Connected Vehicle Data Bag Unit. The CVD/ELD Bag Unit provides seamless connectivity for your Platform Science tablet when using a substitute rental truck.

The Company is committed to supporting you by providing the CVD/ELD Bag Unit along with the documents and training needed to facilitate a smooth transition and uninterrupted connectivity.

Installation Steps

  1. Connect the JPOD Cable:
    • Upon receiving your rental unit, plug the JPOD Cable from the CVD/ELD bag into the truck’s JPOD connection.
  2. Secure the Mount:
    • Choose between the cup holder mount or the mount through a ball assembly for your tablet.
  3. Position Your Tablet:
    • Place your tablet in the selected mount.
  4. Optimal Antenna Placement:
    • Always ensure the antenna faces upwards on the dashboard for maximum signal strength.
  5. Power Up:
    • Connect the charger cable from the mount to the USB charge cable and insert it into the designated USB port on the truck’s radio.
  6. Secure the CVD/ELD Bag:
    • Place the CVD/ELD securely on the dashboard for a clear line of sight.
  7. Connect to WIFI:
    • Add the rental unit number to the WIFI on the tablet and ensure connectivity.
  8. Confirmation:
    • Once installed, confirm that your tablet is charging.

Troubleshooting and Support:

For any issues, reach out to Platform Science Support immediately at 1-888-878-3370, selecting option 2 for Installer Support. Provide precise details, including your truck number and company name: Mesilla Valley Transportation.

Returning the Rental Unit:

Upon returning the substitute rental truck, follow these steps:

  • Uninstall all components: JPOD Cable, JPOD Adapter, Carrying Case, Mount, CVD/ELD, Charger, and Antenna.
  • Place all components back in the CVD/ELD Bag Unit.
  • Return the complete CVD/ELD Bag Unit to the Safety HOS Team upon arrival back at the terminal. The HOS Safety team will inventory the contents upon return.

Your safety is our top priority, and compliance with this new process ensures a seamless experience for both our drivers and Mesilla Valley Transportation.