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What quotes light up your Monday mornings?
Email them to mvtsm@m-v-t.com and let’s spark inspiration across our MVT Family.


A big shoutout to our MVT Safe Driving Club! Let’s shine the spotlight on our exceptional drivers who have set new benchmarks in safety!

Ready to drive your way into the Safe Driving Club?
Contact Leticia Jacquez, our Mentor Program Manager, at (915) 791-4000 Ext: 2277, or via email at Leticia.Jacquez@m-v-t.com.



Here at MVT, we celebrate the spirit of freedom that drives us every day. This Independence Day, let’s reflect on our journey together as a family, embracing the liberty that allows us to thrive and innovate. Whether you’re on the road or enjoying a well-deserved break, take a moment to appreciate our great nation and the opportunities it provides us all.


From breaking barriers to leading with passion, these women embody the spirit of innovation and leadership. They remind us all that with determination and support, anything is possible. Let’s keep cheering for our incredible women engineers and technologists who are shaping not just MVT but the entire industry. Happy belated Women in Engineering Day!


We’ve recently relocated our office to a brand-new space in Plaza Nuevo Sur, starting our transition in May. With space for 80 to 90 users, this upgrade significantly enhances our previous setup. The new environment is a major step forward, designed to boost productivity and improve our overall work atmosphere.

A special thank you to some of the people involved in this project.

Their hard work and dedication have been crucial in making this transition smooth and successful. Here’s to new beginnings and great success in Monterrey!


Your group supplemental health coverage is changing from Colonial Life to AFLAC starting in July. AFLAC will provide group accident, critical illness, short-term disability, and hospital indemnity coverage. We have also partnered with TransAmerica for employer-paid Group Term Life and additional individual term life insurance. You should have received notices about these changes. To review your current benefit elections, log in to your employee benefits portal. //www.benselect.com/enroll/Login.aspx?Path=MVT.

If you need to file a claim, forms are available in the benefits portal under the Forms Library icon. You can also contact AFLAC at (800) 433-3036. For any questions, call the Human Resources Benefits Team at (866)477-0200 or email hrbenefits@m-v-t.com.


Mark your calendars! Operation Safe Driving Week is set for July 7th to 13th, 2024. This key week highlights the vital role we play in road safety as part of the transportation industry. Law enforcement will be closely watching both commercial and passenger vehicles, focusing on promoting safe driving practices. Let’s take this opportunity to review our own habits and proactively ensure safer journeys for everyone.


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