We cannot deny that there is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today than at any point in the last 800,000 years. With coal, oil, and gas industries starting in the1700’s, humans began emitting more fossil fuels to run their cars, trucks, and factories. By driving a “smarter” car or truck, you will not only save on gas but help prevent global warming.

We cannot stop using fossil fuels altogether. Still, as a company, we do what we can to cut down on the amount of fossil fuels burned, which helps reduce carbon emissions for a percentage of the trucking industry each year.

Reducing our carbon footprint starts with the equipment that we provide our drivers. That is why we do everything we can to incorporate features on our tractors and trailers that save fuel! With that said, our tractors and trailers have aerodynamic features which help in reducing the amount of fuel our fleet uses. Since 1982, we have always had a reputation in the industry for operating the most fuel-efficient fleet in the nation.

All of our tractors are equipped with AeroKits designed and manufactured by FlowBelow, consisting of four-wheel covers and four fairings that fill the gaps between and behind the tractor’s rear wheels. The eight-component system helps tremendously reduce aerodynamic drag and save on fuel by directing airflow smoothly along the side of the tractor and down past the rear wheels.

The cherry on top of our aerodynamic features is the incorporation of low rolling resistance tires. These tires help save energy by requiring less rolling effort, which improves fuel efficiency. With this, friction is reduced, which leads to less energy and fuel consumption.

Not only do our tractors have aerodynamic features, but our trailers do too!  We equip our trailer fleet with skirts, tail fairings, and aerodynamic flaps.  When these features are combined, parasitic drag reduces along the undercarriage and wheels.

These features increase fuel efficiency by reducing parasitic drag along the rear end of our trailers. By implementing these innovative tractor and trailer features and other aerodynamic technology, we manage to save millions of gallons of fuel per year compared to a typical trucking company our size. With our longtime focus on fuel economy, our carbon footprint continues to decline.