Dive into the dynamic world of MVT as we introduce Victor Segura, our passionate Coordinator for the Organizational Development Team! With nearly 30 years of training experience and 8 years at MVT, Victor has been pivotal in transforming how we learn and grow together.

In this episode, Victor opens up about his journey from entering a brand-new industry to becoming a key player in developing our training programs. He shares his biggest fears, his everyday motivations, and the rewarding “lightbulb” moments that make every challenge worthwhile.

Watch as Victor describes the inclusive and respectful culture at MVT, his personal accomplishments, and why he believes MVT is not just a company, but a community focused on success and safety.

Watch now to hear Victor’s story and get his expert advice for anyone looking to make a mark in the transportation industry. Let’s explore why MVT is the place where you’re not just starting a job but accelerating a career!

If you would like to become a part of our MVT Family, please don’t hesitate to call us at 575-CDL-JOBS!