Meet Leticia ‘Lety’ Jacquez, MVT Driver Trainer & Trainee Manager, who has been a part of the MVT Family for 17 years. Lety began as a processor and when presented with an opportunity to work in the recruiting department she jumped at the chance. The only hesitation she had in accepting the position in recruiting was would it allow her to continue to take care of her family when needed. Lety soon came to realize MVT not only cares about its employee’s needs but the needs of their families.

A typical day in Lety’s position is never dull and always busy. She gives 100 percent on everything she does and makes herself available 24/7 to help assist drivers with anything they may need. Her favorite part of the job is visiting with drivers who she first met long ago, and hearing about the good lives they have made for themselves and their families. Lety believes respect and patience play a pivotal role in being a leader. She strives to teach those around her as much as she can for them to have the best opportunity to grow within the company.