In today’s dynamic market environment, inefficient logistics can impede operational agility and hinder growth potential. Today’s marketplace requires a partner who can handle increased demand, unexpected spikes, and ambitious growth plans. This is where MVT’s extensive infrastructure and operational excellence provide an unparalleled partnership, both domestic and cross-border capabilities.

Scale that is Flexible and Nimble

MVT’s fleet will remove or negate capacity concerns at all levels.  With over 1,600 plus trucks, 6,000 trailers, supported with an excess of 1,200 professional driver associates, the vast MVT network encompasses all regions of the US and Cross-border Mexico. In addition, unique to MVT is a network of 400+ binational team drivers and strategically placed transportation service centers in Laredo, El Paso, Nogales, and Calexico/San Diego to ensure seamless international activity.

Capacity with Action

MVT is not only backed by our 1,600 plus trucks, MVT also offer an extensive network of over 15,000 contracted providers through MVT Logistics, guarantees the perfect solution for ay shipping needs. MVT Logistics tailors capacity to your specific needs, ensuring your supply chain needs are met with precision and efficiency, to meet the needs of your valued customers.

Cross-Border Excellence

When it comes to navigating the complexities of international shipping, MVT is best in class with over 400 cross-border shipments daily. MVT’s infrastructure with transportation service centers that are strategically located at key locations, combined with a team of cross-border experts provides our customers with superior service. With cross-docking and warehousing facilities, and an All-in-One Mexico Platform, MVT redefines near-shoring efforts for you and your customers.

Sustainability is a Core Value at MVT

Actively investing in our fleet’s sustainability, we solely use only a biodiesel B20 fuel mix at our primary terminals. Through 40+ years of experience and testing, we achieve best-in-class fuel economy relative to our peers. Moreover, we implemented generous driver incentive programs that encourage fuel-efficient practices, ultimately reducing our carbon footprint across multiple customer verticals. By prioritizing these initiatives, we are committed to promoting environmentally friendly transportation solutions and positively impacting the planet.

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