For National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we want to celebrate everything that our drivers do for MVT and our country by sharing a beloved tradition of the past.

When you think of a semi-truck, you probably reminisce about the times you would try to catch the truck driver’s attention as a child by pumping your fist in the air so they would blow their horn. Little did you know that as a child, you were making an adult’s day by boosting their morale and reminding them of their loved ones back home.

It was one of those exciting moments as a child, and it was something that drivers looked forward to seeing. Not only did it bring you excitement as a child, but it was a great way to say “thank you” to a truck driver, especially when they might have been missing home.

Nowadays, with tablets and phones preoccupying our younger generation during car rides, the thrill of signaling a truck driver to honk their horn has occurred less and less. But it doesn’t have to be lost forever. One way to keep it going is to teach our children about the TruckerSalute. With most truck drivers driving long hours every day, seeing a child pumping their fist in the air is a fun way to pass the time while boosting their morale.

At MVT, we want to encourage our MVT Family to spread the word about the Trucker Salute and celebrate our drivers for all their hard work and dedication to helping America move forward.

Thank you, drivers, for all that you do!